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Dear BIRS Organizers,

We now have a modern and more capable interface for you to manage your BIRS workshop. We call this new software, "Workshops". More information about what you can do with it follows, below.

If you have not done so already, first you need to register a Workshops account. If you have already done that, click the URL below to go there now.

New interface:

Workshops Features:

  • Add members to your workshop immediately
  • Send formal invitation letters from BIRS to the members you have added
  • Members can reply to your invitation by clicking a link in the invitation email
  • Setup your workshop schedule, and publish it on your workshop's web page
  • Edit the content of your workshop's web page
  • Send emails to any participant, or to groups of participants (mail lists)

registering an account

To setup a new account in Workshops, visit:

Note: you must enter the email address we have for you in our database. Check our correspondence with you to find out which one we use. You can change it after logging in, if you wish.

Choose any word or phrase or random characters for your password.
It must be at least 12 characters long.

signing in

Once you have registered, you may login any time at: